CAN/DGSI 111 – Public Review for Online Voting Standard Now Open

OTTAWA – The Digital Governance Standards Institute (DGSI) is pleased to announce the opening of the public review period for CAN/DGSI 111 – Online Voting. This standard seeks to establish technical design requirements for online voting services and provide best practices for election administrators implementing online electoral voting in Canadian municipal elections.

“Through CAN/DGSI 111, we are paving the way for a more accessible, secure, and transparent future for Canadian municipal elections. Public input is at the heart of this endeavor, and we encourage all Canadians to participate in the review process to help shape the standards that will underpin our digital democracy.” – Dr. Nicole Goodman, Chair of DGSI Technical Committee #11, Online electoral voting.

Online voting has become an integral part of modern democracy, offering increased accessibility and convenience for voters. CAN/DGSI 111 is designed to ensure the integrity, security, and transparency of online voting systems while safeguarding the trust of the Canadian electorate.

“As we continue to rely on technology in crucial democratic processes, it is imperative that we establish the proper guardrails to protect the interests of all Canadians” says Darryl Kingston, Executive Director of the Digital Governance Standards Institute, “Canadian input on this draft standard will ensure that future elections will be built on a solid foundation.”


Public Input Welcomed:

CAN/DGSI invites all stakeholders, including election officials, technology experts, and the general public, to participate in the public review of CAN/DGSI 111 – Online Voting. Public input is essential to ensure that this standard aligns with the needs and expectations of Canadians.

Take part and help shape the future of online voting today! You can access, review, and leave comments regarding CAN/DGSI 111 on the Digital Governance Council’s website.


For Media Inquiries:

Darryl Kingston
Executive Director
Digital Governance Standards Institute


About the Digital Governance Council:

The Digital Governance Standards Institute develops digital technology governance standards fit for global use. The Institute works with experts, as well as national and global partners and the public to develop national standards that reduce risk to Canadians and Canadian organizations adopting and using innovative digital technologies in today’s digital economy. The Institute is an independent division of the Digital Governance Council. To learn more about the organization and its initiatives, visit or contact

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