CIO Strategy Council and CyberCatch Launch Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Cybersecurity Solution Designed to Help Small and Medium-Sized Organizations (SMOs) Meet National Standard of Canada Requirements

CIO Strategy Council and CIO Strategy Council Member, CyberCatch, today jointly announced the launch of CAN/CIOSC 104 Compliance Manager, a comprehensive, cost-effective cybersecurity Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for SMOs.

CAN/CIOSC 104 is Canada’s National Standard for Baseline Cyber Security Controls for SMOs. The Standard was published by the CIO Strategy Council with support from Standards Council of Canada (SCC) to help SMOs in Canada improve their cyber posture. The CIO Strategy Council is accredited by SCC and develops national standards for the digital economy to help propel Canada as a digital-first nation.

“The Government of Canada recognizes that cybersecurity plays an integral role in building trust with consumers and keeping Canadian businesses competitive” said the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. “With cyber attacks on the rise, this new solution will support ISED’s CyberSecure Canada program and our commitment to helping smaller businesses across Canada secure their systems and data to succeed in today’s digital economy,” continued Minister Champagne.

“SMOs have limited resources and generally don’t know what cybersecurity controls to implement or how to implement in order to be secure from cyber threats” said Keith Jansa, Executive Director, CIO Strategy Council. “We are pleased to have published CAN/CIOSC 104 in collaboration with Standards Council of Canada and Innovation, Science and Economic Development. The national standard is specifically tailored for SMOs and prescribes up to 55 cybersecurity controls to mitigate cyber risk while operating successfully in the digital world” continued Jansa.

The CAN/CIOSC 104 Compliance Manager is a state-of-the-art cybersecurity SaaS solution, powered by CyberCatch, for SMOs in Canada to quickly and easily comply with CAN/CIOSC 104 and stay safe from cyber threats. The solution comprises of a tool-set to implement the necessary cybersecurity controls, with the help of a team of industry-leading cybersecurity experts. It also provides training to all employees and automatically and continuously tests controls to make sure there are no security holes for attackers to exploit and break in and steal data or infect ransomware.

“The cloud-native platform solution makes it easy and inexpensive for SMOs to comply with CAN/CIOSC 104 and maintain compliance and security. Also, a team of industry-leading cybersecurity experts guide the SMOs to success” said Sai Huda, founder, chairman and CEO, CyberCatch. “SMOs in Canada are definitely vulnerable. For example, the Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Vulnerabilities Report (SMBVR) revealed that 84% of SMOs in Canada are vulnerable to “spoofing” and can easily be attacked digitally. Our mission is to protect SMOs from cyber threats so they can be safe, thrive digitally and grow the economy” continued Huda.

“Northern College is proud to adopt Canada’s National Cyber Security Standard. Complying with the National Standard is not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do, given the increasing level of cyber threats to all educational institutions in Canada,” stated Dr. Audrey J. Penner, Northern College President & CEO.

“Using the CAN/CIOSC 104 Compliance Manager solution makes it easy to implement prescribed cyber security controls and stay compliant and secure. Our mission and passion is to excel in delivering quality, accessible education through innovative programs and services to our students, and mitigating cyber risk enables us to continue enhancing our customer experience from an IT perspective. This partnership with CyberCatch is an important milestone as part of Northern College’s recently launched Digital Transformation initiative,” stated Frédéric Nickner, CIO & Director of IT at Northern College.

“The CAN/CIOSC 104 Compliance Manager is a comprehensive and highly effective cybersecurity solution. Highly recommend it to any business to stay safe from cyber threats” said Arjun Grewal, CEO, Ventus Respiratory.

For more on CAN/CIOSC 104 Compliance Manager, watch a demo and download a copy of a brochure, visit website.

About CIO Strategy Council

The CIO Strategy Council is Canada’s national forum that brings together the country’s most forward-thinking chief information officers and executive technology leaders to collectively mobilize on common digital priorities. Cutting across major sectors of the Canadian economy – public, private and not for profit – the Council harnesses the collective expertise and action of Canada’s CIOs to propel Canada as a digital-first nation. The CIO Strategy Council is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and develops standards that support the data-driven economy.

For more information, visit website.

About CyberCatch

CyberCatch is a unique cybersecurity Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that protects small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) from cyberattacks by focusing on the root cause why SMBs fall victim: security holes. It provides an innovative cloud-based SaaS platform coupled with deep subject matter expertise to help SMBs implement just the right type and amount of cybersecurity controls. The platform then performs automated testing of controls from three dimensions: outside-in, inside-out and social engineering. It generates the Cyber Breach Score to continuously measure cyber risk, and finds security holes and guides the SMB to fix them promptly, so attackers can’t exploit any missing or broken controls to break in and steal data or infect ransomware. CyberCatch’s continuous value proposition: Test. Fix. Secure. For more information, visit website.

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