CIO Strategy Council and CyberNB Partner to Bolster Canada’s Cyber Readiness and Digital Resiliency

TORONTO, October 26, 2020 – Today, the CIO Strategy Council and CyberNB announced a new partnership to bolster Canada’s cyber readiness and digital resiliency. This partnership aims to advance cybersecurity knowledge, expertise and collaboration among public, private and not for profit organizations across all sectors of the economy. By working together, the Council and CyberNB will drive the creation of intellectual capital to advance cybersecurity resiliency through the identification and delivery of collaborative research, standards projects, use cases, pilots, and proofs of concepts.

Incredible innovation in areas such as autonomous vehicles, biometrics, smart cities, internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are forming new opportunities. While advances in technology and the proliferation of data are transforming the global economy, it also is injecting new risks into the cyber landscape that cannot be ignored.

Organizations are increasingly faced with real cyber threats that can cause serious reputational damage, technical glitches, service disruption or even data breaches and losses. While some organizations may have a higher tolerance and appetite for risk, essential cyber systems such as electricity grids, communications networks, and financial institutions are so important that any disruption could cause serious consequences to public safety and national security. There’s really no room for cybersecurity complacency.

“Enhancing cyber security readiness and digital resiliency will not only serve as a crucial mechanism for enriching confidence and promoting trust in the digital economy,” said Keith Jansa, Executive Director of the CIO Strategy Council. “It also will create sustainable economic and non-economic advantages for all Canadians.

Cybercriminals are getting more creative and sophisticated – making cybersecurity and cyber resilience a much more complex task at hand. Organizations need to be well-equipped to protect critical assets and to implement stronger cyber defenses to ensure continued competitiveness, evolutionary growth, and business continuity.

“We are pleased to partner with the CIO Strategy Council to create robust national cybersecurity standards,” said Tyson Johnson, CEO of CyberNB. “Members of our Critical Infrastructure Protection Network (CIPnet) will appreciate the opportunity to help shape the frameworks for cybersecurity protection across the country.”

This partnership invests in the implementation of the National Blueprint for Digital Enablement, which highlights a series of actionable measures and provides strategic guidance to help facilitate secure, trusted access to digital products, services and data.

About CIO Strategy Council
The CIO Strategy Council provides a forum for Canada’s most forward-thinking chief information officers to focus on collectively transforming, shaping, and influencing the Canadian information and technology ecosystem. The Council has deployed a nationally accredited, agile, and consensus-based standards-setting process that matches the speed of innovation and advancement in information and communications technology (ICT). Learn more at

About CyberNB
CyberNB was founded in 2016 to fill a crucial gap in Canada’s cybersecurity ecosystem, providing a single overarching organization working on behalf of all stakeholders. Since then, we’ve developed an extensive national and international network of partners and collaborators in business, government and academia. A dynamic non-profit, we are a connector and multiplier for the collective advancement of Canada’s booming cybersecurity sector.


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CIO Strategy Council

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Marketing Director, CyberNB

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