CIO Strategy Council Publishes National Standard for the Responsible Use of Digital Contact Tracing, Monitoring Data In The Workplace

The CIO Strategy Council is pleased to announce the publication of a new National Standard of Canada that specifies minimum requirements for the acceptable and responsible collection and use of contact tracing and monitoring data in the workplace.

The National Standard of Canada, CAN/CIOSC 100-6:2022 Data governance – Part 6: The responsible use of digital contact tracing, monitoring data in the workplace, applies to the governance of current and future use of data that is managed and maintained by contact tracing and monitoring solutions. It impacts processes and decisions which affect data security and privacy both within and between organizations.

Digital proximity tracing tools are seen as especially valuable complements to analogue contact tracing. However, privacy concerns and how the data acquired has been a hot topic when various agencies wanted the general public to comply. With the publication of such a standard, it will provide a peer-reviewed framework that can be used for future similar projects. This standard may increase social acceptance and improve the user confidence that their data is managed in a sound manner.

This standard does not cover the use of contact tracing, monitoring, and surveillance solutions applied in public health.

“We are very pleased to release this National Standard of Canada that builds upon the previous Publicly Available Specification (PAS). Organizations around the world are evaluating digital strategies to reopen workplaces safely and the specification and standard provide a response to an urgent need to maintain the health of employees, contractors and the public as COVID-19 restrictions loosen and businesses reopen.”

— Darryl Kingston, Senior Director Standards, CIO Strategy Council

For media inquiries:

Julia Hancock

Senior Project Manager, Standards

CIO Strategy Council

About the CIO Strategy Council
The CIO Strategy Council is Canada’s national forum that brings together the country’s most forward-thinking chief information officers and executive technology leaders to collectively mobilize on common digital priorities. Cutting across major sectors of the Canadian economy – public, private and not for profit – the Council harnesses the collective expertise and action of Canada’s CIOs to propel Canada as a digital-first nation. The CIO Strategy Council is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and develops standards that support the data-driven economy.


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