CryptoMill Cybersecurity Solutions Adopts National Standard for Data-Centric Security to Enable Safe Data Sharing

By: Dina Lojpur

The CIO Strategy Council published a National Standard for Data-Centric Security (CAN/CIOSC 100-1) in 2020, with its latest revision in March of 2022. In an effort to prevent information leaks, data breaches, and unauthorized usage, CryptoMill, a female-led Canadian software development company founded in 2013, has adopted this Standard.

The Standard

What exactly is the Data-Centric Security Standard? The CIO Strategy Council developed the Standard to outline the minimum requirements when it comes to dealing with data protection. This Standard aims to protect data at all stages (at-rest, in-motion, and in-use) while also ensuring organizations can safely and securely share and collaborate across various IT systems. 

How does CryptoMill keep data safe?

CryptoMill provides solutions that keep data secure and private by using encryption, endpoint security, and many other safety measures. It has developed a security software called Circles of Trust that uses a data-centric security approach that guarantees a Zero Trust architecture and draws from the Data-Centric Security Standard. The data security and protection are tied to the data itself instead of the network, product, and/or service that use it. It protects sensitive information by keeping secure data encrypted anywhere regardless of how it is exchanged. Wherever the data is sent or shared, the security attributes of the original remain the same. By using and implementing the National Standard for Data-Centric Security, CryptoMill is able to prevent data disclosure to external hackers, leaks from breaches, and information from being stolen, as well as protect data from attacks (e.g. threatened disclosure in ransomware attacks).

Protection and safety come first

Aside from adopting the Standard, Circles of Trust also uses three global patents: Trust Boundaries, Zero Overhead Key Management, and Persistent ‘Data-In-Use’ Transparent Encryption. By ensuring its security software is reliable and follows various security measures, Circles of Trust ensures organizations have control over who can access the data, for what purposes, where, and when. It can also track what was done to the data and provides a full audit trail. By using CryptoMill’s software, organizations and individuals are able to share their data and information freely, manage access controls, and revoke or reinstate access privileges. By making sure there are no short-cuts or back-doors to accessing the data aligned to the national standard, CryptoMill’s solutions are providing added confidence to businesses and customers that their information will remain private and secure.

Dina Lojpur joined the CIO Strategy Council in May of 2022 as a summer student. Dina is studying Computer Science at the University of Toronto and is interested in learning about and developing skills in quantitative research, software engineering, cyber security, and AI. Throughout her first year at the University of Toronto, Dina was involved with COVID-19 data modelling projects, worked with media pieces to analyze their data to determine likeability factors, and built a graphing software that takes in datasets and visualizes the results. She holds an Honours certificate of bilingual studies in Extended French and won the Trinity College Admission Scholarship.

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