Digital Governance Council launches new Fund to foster inclusive membership growth

Digital Leadership Prosperity Fund enables more leaders to collaborate and drive innovation in digital governance

Ottawa, ON. Oct. 11, 2023 — Today the Digital Governance Council, a member-led organization dedicated to providing Canadians with confidence in the responsible design, architecture, and management of digital technologies, announces the launch of a new initiative aimed at fostering inclusive growth for its membership of Canada’s digital executive leaders.

A coordinated national approach is a precondition to good digital governance

The Digital Leadership Prosperity Fund, which opens today for applications, provides financial assistance to eligible organizations, facilitating their access to the Council’s membership benefits, resources, and expertise. It aims to reduce financial barriers and make the Council accessible, inclusive, and representative of Canada’s population, diversity, digital leadership, and its economic and social sectors. Participants in the Fund will gain access to a dynamic network of executives, thought leaders, and policymakers, facilitating collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the development of innovative solutions to drive responsible innovation and implementation of digital technologies.

“Our economy runs on digital technology, and it’s fueled by public trust. The Digital Governance Council works to address Canada’s most urgent digital governance challenges through strategic, coordinated action, but our success depends on the collective strength of our membership,” said Keith Jansa, CEO of the Council. “Canada’s top digital leaders have the necessary drive, agility, and expertise to help harness the risks of emerging technologies for an economy in which all Canadians can prosper. The launch of this Fund marks a concrete step forward in advancing our shared vision.”

A unique membership, driving outcomes that matter

The Council continually welcomes new members to its network of digital C-suite and other executive leaders, who represent companies and organizations from across economic industries and sectors throughout Canada.

When evaluating Fund applications, the Council will give consideration to organizations that demonstrate digital thought leadership through certifications, participation in standards development activities, and registered intellectual property or evidence of protected trade secrets. While financial need is a factor, consideration will also be given to an organization’s growth potential and its membership’s diversity relative to Canada’s population, economic and social sectors. The program is funded by contributors and Digital Governance Council services including certification and licensing fees, and not by Council membership fees.

“Bringing together the expertise and leadership of our members allows us to create a stronger ecosystem of resources, partnerships and capabilities that enable innovation, and best practice mobilization,” said Jansa. “Through this Fund, we look forward to welcoming new members to help shape and maximize our shared impact and prosperity in a global, digital economy.”

The Fund is open to applications from companies that demonstrate high-growth potential, Indigenous enterprises, and organizations that fall within the vulnerable or community sector. Organizations interested in participating can find more information about the Fund’s eligibility criteria and application details here.

About the Digital Governance Council
The Digital Governance Council is a member-driven organization that acts as a cross-sector neutral convener for Canada’s executive leaders to identify, prioritize and act on digital governance opportunities and challenges. The Council leads an Executive Forum for council members, sets technology governance standards through the Digital Governance Standards Institute and certifies the compliance of Canadian organizations in the management of the effective and efficient use of digital technologies. To learn more about the organization and its initiatives, visit or contact

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Keith Jansa
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Digital Governance Council

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