Digital Governance Standards Institute Publishes National Standard For Responsible Data Stewardship

OTTAWA – The Digital Governance Standards Institute is pleased to announce the publication of a new National Standard of Canada that specifies minimum requirements for the responsible governance of responsible data trust, collaboratives, and cooperatives.

The National Standard of Canada, CAN/DGSI 100-7, Data Governance – Part 7: Operating model for responsible data stewardship has been amended and covers the fundamental characteristics and requirements regarding data stewardship and its elements such as, safe collaboration, sharing, and data protection. CAN/DGSI 100-7 is a part of a series of national standards concerning data governance and applies to the fiduciary stewardship, management, and responsibility in the sharing, storage, and exchange of data.

“There are compelling reasons for organizations to share data, from improving operational efficiencies and reducing business costs to generating new insights and making better business decisions. This National Standard of Canada provides essential requirements for organizations that steward data on behalf of others and ensures appropriate safeguards are in place.

Darryl Kingston, Executive Director, Digital Governance Standards Institute


“The use, sharing, and re-use of data can generate significant public benefits, but only if there is responsible data stewardship in place. Health Data Research Network Canada is pleased to support the work of the Digital Governance Standards Institute in publishing CAN/DGSI 100-7, a standard which outlines the minimum set of requirements that will help ensure responsible and trustworthy stewardship of data trusts, data repositories, and other data collaborations.”

Alison Paprica, Health Data Research Network Canada, University of Toronto


For media inquiries:

Darryl Kingston
Executive Director
Digital Governance Standards Institute


About Digital Governance Standard Institute:

The Digital Governance Standards Institute develops digital technology governance standards fit for global use. The Institute works with experts, as well as national and global partners and the public to develop national standards that reduce risk to Canadians and Canadian organizations adopting and using innovative digital technologies in today’s digital economy.  The Institute is an independent division of the Digital Governance Council. To learn more about the organization and its initiatives, visit or contact

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