Digital Governance Standards Institute Publishes the Second Edition of the National Standard for Digital Trust and Identity

The Digital Governance Standards Institute (DGSI) is proud to announce the publication of the 2nd edition of a National Standard of Canada, CAN/DGSI 103-1:2023, Digital Trust and Identity – Part 1 Fundamentals.

This standard provides guidance for the design, creation, operation, maintenance, and testing of digital systems in Canada. It outlines the minimum requirements and a set of control that may be applied to digital systems and services utilized within or applied across identity contexts.

“Standards are the foundation of an agile regulatory regime in Canada.” said Senator Colin Deacon. “As the digitization of our economy accelerates, public trust needs to be front and center as products and services are developed. The work of organizations like the Digital Governance Council and its Digital Governance Standards Institute in developing consensus-based standards are critical to this advancement. I applaud the approval of the national standard on Digital Trust and Identity as another step at modernizing our regulatory regime in Canada.”

The CAN/DGSI 103-1 standard has been revised to reflect current industry practice, as well as to ensure that all employers have access to the latest information. The requirements in the standard ensure that digital systems and services are safe, secure, reliable, and protected. This edition of the standard also includes sections on risk and mitigation assessment and control.

“Interac remains committed to supporting the establishment and regular maintenance of national standards to encourage broad adoption and interoperability, to re-enforce the importance of personal control and privacy, and to support the inclusion of all who want to participate in the Canadian digital economy,” said Debbie Gamble, Chief Officer, Innovation Labs and New Ventures at Interac Corp. “We are proud to have contributed to this important update as a member of the technical committee on digital trust and identity as we work to build a trusted foundation for Canadians to advance the way they exchange value.”

This 2nd edition of CAN/DGSI 103-1 is now available for download on the website. 


For media inquiries:

Darryl Kingston
Executive Director
Digital Governance Standards Institute


About the Digital Governance Council

The Digital Governance Council is a member-driven organization that acts as a cross-sector neutral convener for Canada’s executive leaders to identify, prioritize and act on digital governance opportunities and challenges. The Council leads an Executive Forum for council members, sets technology governance standards through the Digital Governance Standards Institute and certifies the compliance of Canadian organizations in the management of the effective and efficient use of digital technologies.  To learn more about the organization and its initiatives, visit or contact


About the Digital Governance Standards Institute

The Digital Governance Standards Institute develops digital technology governance standards fit for global use. The Institute works with experts, as well as national and global partners and the public to develop national standards that reduce risk to Canadians and Canadian organizations adopting and using innovative digital technologies in today’s digital economy.  The Institute is an independent division of the Digital Governance Council. To learn more about the organization and its initiatives, visit or contact

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