IDENTOS Adopts National Standard for the Delivery of Healthcare Services

By: Dina Lojpur

IDENTOS, a Toronto-based company founded in 2014, specializing in the design and development of digital identity and access technology, adopts national standard for federating the safe exchange of health information between systems, CAN/CIOSC 103-2:2021. Its technologies enable safe, secure, privacy-preserving, and reliable data sharing across organizations. IDENTOS has also achieved the international standard for software quality management (ISO 9001), confirming that their technology and services meet customer and regulatory requirements. By adopting and achieving international and national standards, IDENTOS is able to prioritize safe and trustworthy digital identity technology and services, such as the Niagara Health Navigator.  

What is CAN/CIOSC 103-2:2021?  

In 2021, the CIO Strategy Council published Part 2 of the Digital Trust and Identity Standard – Delivery of healthcare services. It specifies the minimum requirements on how to exchange health-related information safely between systems and networks. It also provides guidelines on how to implement a private, accessible, and secure delivery of healthcare services through a user-centric based network.  

Improving Patient Outcomes  

IDENTOS CEO, Mike Cook, featured in the July 2020 DigITtal Magazine, highlighted how the current pandemic surfaced an issue of data silos and exposed the demand for a secure and reliable privacy-enabled flow of data that enables patients to access, control, and view their own health-related data. IDENTOS, and Niagara Health together with other partners launched the Niagara Health Navigator, the first reliable and trusted digital health ecosystem in Ontario.  

The Niagara Health Navigator application established a network of trusted health partners and digital services that share and use data to deliver care. In modernizing access technology and advancing patient connectivity, patients have real time access and control of their health information to make informed health decisions with their healthcare providers. They can specify who can access, use, and view their data. It also provides a level of comfort and assurance to the health providers that the person accessing their service is authenticated.  

In March 2021, building on Niagara Health’s foundational Navigator mobile focused technology, the Ontario trusted account was launched with the support of Ontario Ministry of Health, in partnership with Niagara Health, Southlake Regional Health Centre, North York General Hospital, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and IDENTOS and SecureKey Technologies as technology partners. 

IDENTOS achieves international standard for software quality management  

In May of 2022, IDENTOS achieved the international standard for software quality management by obtaining the ISO 9001 quality management system certification. The work being done at IDENTOS aims to improve customer trust and satisfaction by implementing and assuring their services and products meets customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements.   

The work at IDENTOS 

By continuing to implement high-quality digital identity technology that is accessible, secure, trusted, and underpinned by national and international standards, IDENTOS is paving the way for further industry collaboration and the advancement of privacy enhanced technologies. 


Dina Lojpur joined the CIO Strategy Council in May of 2022 as a summer student. Dina is studying Computer Science at the University of Toronto and is interested in learning about and developing skills in quantitative research, software engineering, cyber security, and AI. Throughout her first year at the University of Toronto, Dina was involved with COVID-19 data modelling projects, worked with media pieces to analyze their data to determine likeability factors, and built a graphing software that takes in datasets and visualizes the results. She holds an Honours certificate of bilingual studies in Extended French and won the Trinity College Admission Scholarship.

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