Launch of DGSI Technical Committee for Age Verification Technologies: Call for Committee Members to Help Develop New Standard

OTTAWA – The Digital Governance Standards Institute (DGSI) is pleased to announce significant advancements in the domain of online safety and security. DGSI is proud to share it is advancing the development of a new proposed standard for age verification technologies. A newly established Technical Committee, TC 18, will be dedicated to the development and maintenance of this new standard.

This groundbreaking standard aims to overcome the limitations and inefficiencies of current age restriction practices. By offering a comprehensive framework, it ensures private, secure, safe, and easily accessible age verification. With a focus on establishing minimum requirements, it sets the bar for the design, adoption, and implementation of effective age verification methods.

This standard aims to foster the responsible adoption of age-verification technologies in Canada. In doing so, it extends its impact to Canadian industry by establishing clear and standardized methodologies for age verification processes.

Moreover, this initiative will ensure the compatibility of Canadian regulations with international standards and include biometrics-based age-verification innovation by Canadian researchers. This forward-looking approach reflects a dedication to advancing not only local practices but also contributing to the broader evolution of age verification on the international stage.

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The Digital Governance Standards Institute’s Standards Policy Committee approved the establishment of a new Technical Committee, Technical Committee 18 on Age Verification. As an organization, we highly prioritize collaboration and embrace openness in our standards development process. We firmly believe that the best standards are created through the collective effort of diverse stakeholders. Therefore, we extend a warm invitation to all interested parties to actively contribute to our ongoing work. If you are interested in contributing to the work of the technical committee on Age Verification to shape the development of this new standard, please get in touch through the contact below.


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Darryl Kingston
Executive Director
Digital Governance Standards Institute


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