Work Starts on New Standards for Non-fungible Tokens and Cybersecurity

The CIO Strategy Council is moving ahead with the creation of new national standards in two areas of growing importance to the digital economy. The proposed standards will specify minimum requirements around the design and operation of non-fungible tokens and create a national occupational standard for cybersecurity professionals.

The work fills gaps in existing regulatory frameworks and was approved at the most recent meeting of the CIOSC’s Standards Policy Committee after the proposals had been shared publicly for comment.


Design and Operation of Digital Assets and Non-Fungible Tokens

The exponential growth of digital assets that started with the advent of blockchain technology shows no signs of relenting. Although technical specifications have been advanced by the blockchain community, there has been little movement on regulation or standards development so far.

This standard will specify minimum requirements for using digital assets and non-fungible tokens for a range of functions, including to store and exchange value and as investment vehicles. It will provide an overview of the taxonomies, commonalities, differences and characteristics of various types of digital assets and tokens, particularly NFTs, to meet crypto/blockchain industry best practices as well as achieve some consistency with the mainstream financial sector.


National Occupational Standard for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a relatively new and emerging field of work where various roles have been conflated within the domain. Accordingly, there is a need to define primary cybersecurity work as distinct from other occupations in information technology, security, business management or public administration.

This national standard will specify minimum core requirements for the entry-level qualifications of cybersecurity professionals, including those working in IT security, information security that involves digital artifacts, and digital security. While elements of physical, personnel and project and contract security will be included, details that hinge on specific technologies or techniques are outside the scope of this standard. It will apply to professionals in all sectors, including public and private companies, government entities, and not-for-profit organizations.


Get Involved

Our standards development process is collaborative and open to all. If you are interested in contributing to the work of the technical committees on either of these standards, please get in touch through the form below.


Which technical committee?

  • For Design and Operation of Digital Assets and Non-fungible tokens, choose “Digital assets and Non-fungible tokens.”
  • For the National Occupational Standard for Cybersecurity, choose “Digital skills.”


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Get in touch with Matthew MacNeil, Director of Standards and Technology.

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