Notice of Open House: CIO Strategy Council seeking election and voting technologies Technical Committee members

OTTAWA, September 20, 2022 – The CIO Strategy Council relies on the input of individuals to contribute to the development and continual improvement of our standards. To develop relevant and effective standards, CIO Strategy Council is looking for people to participate in the standard development process.

The CIO Strategy Council is developing a National Standard for implementing online electoral voting in Canadian Municipalities. The CIO Strategy Council is also developing product standards for vote tabulators and electronic poll books as well as a management system standard to provide operational guidance to electoral management bodies who use these technologies in democratic elections.

The standard development process is open to everyone. The CIO Strategy Council will make best efforts to accommodate and meaningfully include all individuals with a desire to contribute. We are seeking people from diverse backgrounds who have an interest in ensuring the proper safeguards are in place for accessible, efficient and trustworthy democratic elections.

All voters and individuals with expertise in accessibility, diversity and inclusion, electoral voting, election officials, academia and solution providers are encouraged to participate. As the first ever standards for online voting, vote tabulators and electronic poll books, you have the opportunity to shape and contribute to a framework that demonstrates global leadership in standardizing the use of electoral and voting technologies.

We will be holding an open house on October 11, 2022 at 12pm EST. Please contact Julia Hancock at or on LinkedIn: 65496092 to express interest in attending or if you have any questions about this session. Please also identify any accommodation needs.

Please feel free to pass this invitation along to everyone in your network and tag anyone you think might be interested in participating.


Darryl Kingston, Senior Director, Standards, CIO Strategy Council:

“Standards provide an important function in the Canadian and global economy and CIO Strategy Council prides itself on developing and maintaining them in an open, transparent and collaborative manner. By participating for as little as a few hours per month, you can have an immense impact on how we adopt technology in crucial democratic processes. It’s imperative that we have the best minds involved to ensure we establish the proper guardrails to protect the interests of all Canadians.”

For media inquiries:

Julia Hancock
Senior Project Manager,

Standards CIO Strategy Council

About the CIO Strategy Council

The CIO Strategy Council is Canada’s national forum that brings together the country’s most forward-thinking chief information officers and executive technology leaders to collectively mobilize on common digital priorities. Cutting across major sectors of the Canadian economy – public, private and not for profit – the Council harnesses the collective expertise and action of Canada’s CIOs to propel Canada as a digital-first nation. The CIO Strategy Council is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and develops standards that support the data-driven economy.

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