and CIO Strategy Council Partner to Deliver AI Governance Education

The CIO Strategy Council and are pleased to announce they have partnered on a program to support Canadian enterprises with artificial intelligence (AI) governance.

An interactive faculty-driven curriculum will be delivered to four company cohorts, focusing on the best practices and standards that businesses need to consider as they bring new products to market. Each company will measure its current AI governance readiness using a self-assessment tool customized to consider existing frameworks such as the CIOSC’s data and ethical AI standards and the Government of Canada’s Algorithmic Impact Assessment. Upon completion, participating companies will receive access to NuEnergy’s monitoring software and follow-on consulting to guide their company’s actions to mitigate risk.

The CIO Strategy Council provides a forum for Canada’s chief information officers and executive technology leaders to collectively engage on common priorities and transform the Canadian information and technology ecosystem.

Based in Ottawa, focuses exclusively on providing the education, frameworks, and tools that companies need to properly govern, manage, and mitigate the risks of their growing deployments of AI.

“As AI is embedded ever more deeply into products and services, it is essential that companies have robust governance frameworks in place,” says Keith Jansa, Executive Director of CIOSC. “This program will give participants a good understanding of emerging standards in this area and equip them with the tools they need to ensure they are building and operating AI systems in a responsible way.”

“Governance of AI has become an imperative topic that companies ignore at their own risk,” says Niraj Bhargava, Co-Founder and Executive Chair of “Today, AI is all around us and has the power to autonomously learn and make its own, or significantly influence, decisions. We are proud to be working with the CIOSC to ensure that more innovative Canadian companies consider AI governance early in their product development cycle to better position themselves for market adoption.”

About is a Canadian Artificial Intelligence management software and professional services firm that helps build guardrails for organizations that develop or deploy AI to mitigate risk and maintain trust. The team co-creates AI Governance frameworks with clients based on leading international principles and standards, then openly and transparently integrates its ‘machine trust’ measurement and qualified software techniques built on a patent-pending methodology. is the only independent AI Governance company qualified at the top tier of the Government of Canada’s AI Source List, and integrates the Treasury Board directive – Algorithmic Impact Assessment (AIA) – into its platform for clients. Learn more at

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