Public Review of Proposed National Occupational Standard for Cybersecurity Workforce

OTTAWA, August 23, 2022 – The CIO Strategy Council invites stakeholders to share and provide their input on a draft national standard that specifies minimum core requirements for the qualification of entry-level cybersecurity professionals. Our recent experience with the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the need for cybersecurity across a vast range of technologies and across all sectors. It is important to note that cybersecurity is more than just about systems, it is also about the people who connect with those systems.

The draft CAN/CIOSC 112- National Occupational Standard for Cybersecurity Workforce, will be available on the CIO Strategy Council website until October 21st, 2022. After the public review period closes, Technical Committee 3: Digital Skills will review and disposition all comments received.

You are invited to comment on the proposed National Standard of Canada that will help support the future of the digital economy. It will outline a framework for describing the national occupational standards for core cybersecurity work for the Canadian labour market and will positively affect the lives of connected Canadians.

“This proposed national occupational standard will help organizations in the digital society better define the cybersecurity talent they need and recognize cybersecurity professionals as a new role with distinct responsibilities to prevent and protect organizations from cyber threats and attacks. These responsibilities, among many others, will include assessing the risks of cyber threats, advising on effective security measures, and ensuring data and systems are safe and secure. It will be a gamechanger for many Canadian organizations who employ cybersecurity professionals, educators who train them, and individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity.”

Randy Purse, Senior Cybersecurity Advisor, Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, Toronto Metropolitan University

“Cybersecurity remains an emerging and evolving field of work. It has not been well defined in occupational terms and is often combined with other organizational roles. Cybersecurity is not just about technical systems, it’s also about people, their behavior, and how they connect and engage with those systems. I encourage everyone to join the conversation and help shape the requirements that will define cybersecurity talent in this emerging field and that will positively affect the lives of connected Canadians and support the future of the digital economy.”

Darryl Kingston, Senior Director, CIO Strategy Council

Get Involved

Our standards development process is collaborative and open to all. If you are interested in contributing to the work of the technical committees on either of these statements, please get in touch through the join a committee page or contact Julia Hancock.

For media inquiries:

Julia Hancock
Senior Project Manager, Standards
CIO Strategy Council

About the CIO Strategy Council

The CIO Strategy Council is Canada’s national forum that brings together the country’s most forward-thinking chief information officers and executive technology leaders to collectively mobilize on common digital priorities. Cutting across major sectors of the Canadian economy – public, private and not for profit – the Council harnesses the collective expertise and action of Canada’s CIOs to propel Canada as a digital-first nation. The CIO Strategy Council is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and develops standards that support the data-driven economy.

About the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst

The Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst helps Canadians and Canadian companies seize the opportunities and tackle the challenges of cybersecurity. The Catalyst collaborates with industry, governments and academic partners, and leverages the full expertise and capabilities of Toronto Metropolitan University’s staff and faculty. The Catalyst is a not-for-profit corporation owned and operated by Toronto Metropolitan University and based in Brampton, ON.

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