Public Review Opens for DGSI 125: Data Standards for Planning and Development Applications

OTTAWA – The Digital Governance Standards Institute (DGSI) is excited to announce the commencement of the public review period for DGSI 125 – Data Standards for Planning and Development Applications: Common data fields for use in municipal planning application forms. This is a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to establish and enhance comprehensive guidelines for data requirements in planning and development applications.

The newly released DGSI 125, now available for review on the DGSI website, aims to streamline planning and development applications. It provides a framework for organizing, formatting, and sharing data, promoting consistency across all technologies and platforms. This standard aims to foster consistency and enhance the efficiency and speed of the application process.

In response to the housing crisis and the urgent need for expedited construction, DGSI 125 addresses the challenges posed by inconsistencies and delays in current planning and development practices. By establishing common data fields, the application process will be simplified which will in turn establish quicker decision-making and facilitate the construction of much-needed housing units.

Along with DGSI 125, DGSI 124, a data standard pertaining Planning and Development Applications: Terminology, was released on November 22 2023. Both new data standards work in harmony to help level the playing field, whether you are a town in rural Ontario or a large city housing developer, there will be greater consistency with how information is captured and shared between municipalities, agencies and the province. Furthermore, DGSI 125 will unlock the potential for modernization tools like electronic permitting, fostering a more dynamic and responsive system.

Organized by core requirements, DGSI 125 is a result of careful consideration of the variations across jurisdictions in capturing planning and development application data. With a focus on minimizing the number of mandatory fields, the chances of achieving compliance are heightened, while optional fields provide jurisdictions with the freedom to include supplementary jurisdictional information as needed. This approach strikes a balance between adherence and adaptability, ensuring a more effective and streamlined data submission process.

The public review period will remain open until February 5th 2024.

DGSI extends an invitation to experts, stakeholders, and the public to actively participate and provide valuable feedback. This collaborative effort aims to assist key players, including municipalities, conservation authorities, and the provincial government, in modernizing the way they collect, share, and utilize information. The ultimate goal is to simplify the planning and development process, making it more affordable and less complicated for all involved.

“A key component of our government’s work to put an end to the housing crisis is modernizing planning and development processes to be faster, more affordable, and less complicated for everyone involved”, said Todd McCarthy, Minister of Public and Business Service Delivery. “This public review period with our partners at the DGSI is a big step forward and an important milestone. We are excited to hear what experts, stakeholders, and Ontarians have to say on simplifying the planning and development process to get more shovels in the ground faster.”

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Darryl Kingston
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Digital Governance Standards Institute


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