Public Review Opens for Standardizing Key Terms for Health Data

The Digital Governance Standards Institute Council invites stakeholders to share and provide their input on a draft national standard for health data that will reduce ambiguity and uncertainty by providing standardized definitions of key terms.

This standard looks to strengthen data stewardship and management in the health sector by facilitating alignment around a common set of terms based on internationally accepted definitions where possible. This shared vocabulary will support data efforts that aid in the advancement of health and well-being across communities and populations in Canada.

“With patients and science at the heart of everything we do, we believe data plays a transformative role in both accelerating better health outcomes and enabling the sustainability of healthcare delivery. However, we need common, plain language terminology (i.e. a lexicon) to talk about health data so that our actions and outcomes are well understood by members of the public, policy-makers, and innovators alike. By having the opportunity to contribute to the creation of this health data lexicon, we look forward to supporting meaningful data dialogue in the future for everyone — here in Canada, and internationally.”

Mariam Ahmed, Innovation Lead for Architecture Strategy & Innovation Ecosystem Catalyst, Roche Canada

The draft, CAN/DGSI 116- Health data lexicon is available on the Digital Governance Council website until XXX, 2023. Following the closing of the Public Review, Technical Committee 13: Health data and information will review and disposition all comments received during this open commenting period.

“A common lexicon has the potential to accelerate health policy development and improve consistency of its roll-out. It will simplify and improve the quality of how we collect, share and use data, improving outcomes for Canadians. We look forward to hearing the feedback from the public on this important tool.”

-Darryl Kingston, Executive Director, Digital Governance Standards Institute


Get Involved
Our standards development process is collaborative and open to all. If you are interested in contributing to the work of the technical committee, please get in touch through the join a committee page or contact Darryl Kingston.

For media inquiries:
Darryl Kingston
Executive Director
Digital Governance Standards Institute

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The Digital Governance Standards Institute develops digital technology governance standards fit for global use. The Institute works with experts, as well as national and global partners and the public to develop national standards that reduce risk to Canadians and Canadian organizations adopting and using innovative digital technologies in today’s digital economy.  The Institute is an independent division of the Digital Governance Council. To learn more about the organization and its initiatives, visit or contact

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