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In Public Review

Public review is an essential part of the standards process. The following drafts of standards are in development and  are currently available for public review. Leave your comments in the online draft and they will be considered by technical committee responsible.

CAN/DGSI 123: Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Regulatory Sandboxes

This standard specifies guidance for the design, use and evaluation of a regulatory sandbox.

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CAN/CIOSC 101, Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence by Small and Medium Organizations

This Standard specifies minimum requirements for incorporating ethics in the use of artificial intelligence by small and medium organizations, which typically have less than 500 employees.

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Exploratory Work

Below are standards project proposals that are currently under consideration by our Standards Policy Committee. If the committee approves them, they will move into our development process.

National Standard of Canada Proposal for the Adoption of CEN/CENELEC Standards for Artificial Intelligence

Adoption, publication and periodic maintenance of a series CEN/CENELEC Standards for Artificial Intelligence (AI) as National Standards of Canada.

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Standards Proposal - HRSO

Consider the request of the Human Research Standards Organization (HRSO)to partner in the development of joint standards to be published by DGSI as National standards of Canada.

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Standards Proposal - Climate Resilient Equity

Development of a Publicly Available Specification (PAS) that outlines guidance and provides the necessary framework to apply an equity lens to disaster and climate resilient infrastructure project design and portfolio management.

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Standards Proposal - Machine Learning and AI Implementation in Research Institutions

This proposed standard aims to specify minimum requirements for the implementation of machine learning (ML) and generative artificial intelligence (GAI) systems within the internal systems of libraries, archives, and research institutions at Canadian universities.

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Data Governance – Responsible governance of employee data

The proposed National Standard aims to specify minimum requirements for how employers collect, use, store, disclose, and dispose of employee-related data.

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We welcome your opinions on these proposals. Please send your comments to:

Periodic Maintenance

Every published standard undergoes periodic maintenance to ensure it stays aligned with the fast ever-growing digital needs. Below are the standards currently undergoing maintenance.

CAN/DGSI 100-1, Data Governance – Part 1: Data Centric Security

Minimum requirements for products and/or services providing data protection of digital assets.

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CAN/DGSI 117, English-French Lexicon for Digital Governance and Technologies

Defines terms used in digital governance and technologies in both English and French to ensure they are aligned.

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CAN/DGSI 100-8: Data Governance – Part 8 – Framework for Geo-Residency and Sovereignty

Specifies minimum requirements for organizations to protect data assets that reside in foreign entities.

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CAN/DGSI 100-7, Data Governance – Part 7: Operating model for responsible data stewardship

Stewardship, accountability and management of data whenever a legal entity collects, uses or shares it.

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Maintenance agencies to report jurisdiction specific deviations​

Some standards developed by DGSI Technical committees require, for purpose of either updating of the standard or through the implementation of the standard, a competent body which has the requisite infrastructure for ensuring the effective reporting of jurisdictional specific deviations. These deviations will be reported to the designated authority but also broadly shared with the Technical Committee for review during the maintenance cycle of these specific standards.

While these standards are intended to be base standards for all users of land use planning and development applications, municipalities may need to build on this Standard to address local circumstances. This may mean specifying local terms and definitions or requirements in land use planning and development application forms or adapting them from the Standard to recognize local circumstances. Local deviations should be identified.

The Digital Governance Council has been designated by Government of Ontario to serve as a Maintenance Agency for the following standards:

DGSI 124: Standard for Planning and Development Applications : Terminology

The Standard aims to define terms and definitions used in municipal land use planning applications. This Standard applies to all the housing and development sector, including public and private companies, government entities, and not-for-profit organizations.

DGSI 125: Standard for Planning and Development Applications : Common fields for use in municipal planning application forms

The standard details the common data fields for use in municipal planning application forms. This standard provides requirements for how data is captured and used within the development sector, enabling better system performance, more consistent user experience, and greater data analysis.

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