Scalable Remote Access Infrastructure

CAN/DGSI 100-4  |  Digital Governance – Part 4

What this Standard Covers

The infrastructure that remote workers use – personal or employer-provided laptops that connect to the corporate network via VPNs and home WiFi – may not be able to scale rapidly and presents cybersecurity risks. 

This Standard presents a set of requirements that enables organizations to rapidly scale up and down their IT operations to meet the unpredictable demands of workers shifting their work habits to a work-from-home model and to continue to meet organizational security needs. This set of requirements is vendor-agnostic. It does not prescribe specific tooling but rather provides general practices.

This Standard encompasses and extends the requirements outlined in CAN/DGSI 100-1 and CAN/DGSI 100-2.

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    (Reaffirmed 2024)

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Draft number: D1
Date posted: 2023-12-30
Comments due by: 2024-02-27

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