Technical Specification for Digital Credentials and Digital Trust Services

What this Standard Covers

Digital credentials are electronic representations of the physical certificates and IDs that enable the economy to function. Held in user-controlled digital wallets, they can include electronic versions of documents like plane tickets, driver’s licenses, university degrees and even certificates of incorporation for businesses. These applications are underpinned by technologies such as blockchain-based data registries and issuing and verifying systems that are collectively known as “digital trust services.”  

This technical specification sets minimum requirements to ensure that digital credentials and trust services are interoperable between businesses and governments and create a seamless experience for users. 

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Draft number: D3
Date posted: 2023-01-09
Comments due by: 2023-01-27

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This standard is subject to technical committee review beginning no later than one year from the date of publication. The completion of the review may result in a new edition, revision, reaffirmation or withdrawal of the standard. 

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