The CIO Strategy Council Announces Partnership with the Privacy and Access Council of Canada to Strengthen Proficiency of Privacy, Access and Data Protection Professionals

TORONTO, July 8th, 2020 The CIO Strategy Council (CIOSC) and the Privacy and Access Council of Canada (PACC) announced today a new partnership to help advance privacy protections, access to information, and data governance research, standards and professional certification in Canada.

“Our rapidly shifting, global economy – one that is increasingly leveraging big data and artificial intelligence – requires skills and professionals with new and cutting-edge knowledge in privacy, access and data protection,” said Keith Jansa, Executive Director of the CIO Strategy Council. “We are looking forward to working with the PACC on new standards projects, research and professional certification for the competence, professionalism, and proficiency of privacy, access and data protection specialists.”

“Consumers are demanding greater control and security for their personal information held by companies and governments. Organizations across the private, public, and non-profit sectors are eager to have well-qualified privacy and access professionals who can help organizations meet their data protection obligations.” said Sharon Polsky MAPP, President of the Privacy and Access Council of Canada. “We are excited to be working with the CIO Strategy Council to enable consumers, businesses, and governments to have confidence that robust data protection standards are in place, and that data protection professionals possess the necessary skill, education, and experience.”

About CIO Strategy Council
The CIO Strategy Council provides a forum for Canada’s most forward-thinking chief information officers to focus on collectively transforming, shaping, and influencing the Canadian information and technology ecosystem. The Council has deployed a nationally accredited, agile, and consensus-based standards-setting process that matches the speed of innovation and advancement in information and communications technology (ICT). Learn more at

About the Privacy and Access Council of Canada

PACC is the voice for privacy and access.

PACC is Independent • Non-profit • Non-partisan • Non-government

PACC is dedicated to the development and promotion of the access-to-information, information privacy, and data governance profession across the private, non-profit, and public sectors.

PACC is uniquely positioned to effect change to strengthen the profession and uphold the highest standards of practice.

PACC is the certifying body for access and privacy professionals, and engages in outreach efforts to advance awareness about access, privacy, and data protection.

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Madi Murariu
Vice-President, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships
CIO Strategy Council

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