The CIO Strategy Council Leads the Development of a National Standard for Responsible Contact Tracing in the Workplace

TORONTO, September 23, 2020 Organizations around the world are faced with the need to reevaluate digital strategies to reopen workplaces safely in a post COVID-19 world. In the last couple of months, we have heard in many discussions, the rise of several themes associated with data governance and digital contact tracing. In addition to contact tracing applications, various organizations are contemplating, deploying and or relying on a myriad of technologies in a variety of contexts, including to monitor individuals entering and exiting premises.

A growing and urgent need raised by stakeholders and as part of the CIO Strategy Council’s collective response, the Council’s Standards Policy Committee approved the development of a national standard to equip organizations with a set of controls in the responsible use of digital contact tracing and monitoring solution data in the workplace to maintain the health of employees, while restrictions loosen, and businesses reopen.

This proposed national standard applies to the governance of current and future use of data that is created, collected, stored or controlled by contact tracing and monitoring solutions, and impacts the management processes and decisions relating to data within and between organizations.

Interested parties are welcome to join the technical committee responsible for the development of the national standard and contribute to the work. For more information or any questions about the Council’s standards development activities, please contact Matthew MacNeil.

About CIO Strategy Council
The CIO Strategy Council (CIOSC) provides a forum for Canada’s most forward-thinking chief information officers to focus on collectively transforming, shaping, and influencing the Canadian information and technology ecosystem. The Council has deployed a nationally-accredited, agile, and consensus-based standards-setting process that matches the speed of innovation and advancement in ICT. Learn more at

About CIO Strategy Council Standards Policy Committee
The Standards Policy Committee governs the Council’s standardization policies, sets standardization priorities and is responsible for coordinating standards development activities by establishing, dissolving and assigning responsibility to technical committees; approving new technical work; determining priorities; and maintaining the Council’s standards policies, procedures and other rules for the technical work.


For more information:

Matthew MacNeil
Director, Standards and Technology
CIO Strategy Council

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