Unlocking Innovation: Reimagined approach to revolutionizing digital technology regulation

The CSA Public Policy Centre in collaboration with the Digital Governance Council releases a new report highlighting a new approach to keep pace with the opportunities and challenges posed by the rapid evolution of digital technologies. 


A collaborative approach critical for effective digital governance. 

The report titled “Regulating Digital Technologies: A Policy Pathway for a Data-Driven Future”, highlights that digital technologies can provide real benefits to Canadians and even offer solutions to our greatest social and economic challenges, such as climate change, health care, and education. However, digital technologies also introduce new risks and harms, such as privacy breaches, cyberattacks, misinformation, and discrimination, that require effective governance and capacity. This report draws on case studies of relevant digital technologies, including generative artificial intelligence, blockchain, and 3D printing, to illustrate the common issues that regulators, policymakers and stakeholders face and how the proposed policy pathways can be applied in practice. 


Regulating Digital Technologies: A Path Forward Report Findings 

The report proposes an innovative approach to regulatory action that expands on established regulatory frameworks, prioritizes investment in the public sector, and integrates complementary tools including standards.  

“The 20th-century industrial economy witnessed engineers using standards to commercialize groundbreaking technologies like electricity and telephones. We need a similar approach for the digital age” said Keith Jansa, CEO of the Digital Governance Council. “We look forward to our continued collaboration with partners like the CSA Group on future joint standards work that build trust in the digital economy.” 

Regulating digital technologies is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather a complex and context-specific challenge that requires a holistic and adaptive approach. This report aims to stimulate dialogue and action among regulators, policymakers, and other stakeholders on how to shape a data-driven future that is inclusive, sustainable, and beneficial for all Canadians.  

To learn more about “Regulating Digital Technologies: A Path Forward” download the report.


About the Digital Governance Council 

The Digital Governance Council is a member-driven organization that acts as a cross-sector neutral convener for Canada’s executive leaders to identify, prioritize and act on digital governance opportunities and challenges. The Council leads an Executive Forum for council members, sets technology governance standards through the Digital Governance Standards Institute and certifies the compliance of Canadian organizations in the management of the effective and efficient use of digital technologies. To learn more about the organization and its initiatives, visit www.dgc-cgn.org or contact info@dgc-cgn.org. 


For media inquiries: 

Shyra Craig 
Communications and Knowledge Mobilization Lead
Digital Governance Council

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