2023 Annual Report highlights: a year of evolution and expansion for stronger digital technology governance

At our organization’s latest Executive Forum meeting, I had the privilege of presenting to Council members the highlights of our 2023 Annual Report.  The full report, available in the Member Portal, is a powerful testament of all that we’ve accomplished and highlights future actions in our mission to address our country’s most pressing digital governance challenges.

A year of growing momentum

With a keen focus on effective digital governance, we are advancing our mission through activities that are strategically informed by our membership and mobilized through collective action. The 2023 fiscal year saw our organization maintain an active cadence of actions that both deepened our existing body of work and helped us forge new territory.

Through our collaborations with a diverse group of experts, we have achieved an impressive output of new standards and specifications, both new and in development. In alignment with our diverse and inclusive approach to collaboration, our body of work increasingly reflects the diversity of sectors, industries, individuals, and focus areas that are most critical to fostering economic and social good.

With the support and collaboration of many strategic partners, we have launched several joint initiatives mobilizing knowledge, proving out new technologies and providing tangible real-world applications for the benefit of our country’s social fabric, national security and economic prosperity.

And, in 2023, the Digital Governance Council took significant steps in strengthening our position as a global partner. Countries across the Pacific Rim are engaged with the Digital Governance Council and are considering the use of Canadian national standards as the basis for assessment and their mutual recognition schemes. We also achieved a significant milestone receiving approval from the Joint International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) technical committee on Information Technology (ISO/IEC JTC 1) as a Publicly Available Specification (PAS) submitter to put forward our standards to ISO/IEC JTC 1 for approval by its members and publication by ISO/IEC.

With this growing capacity to make domestically developed consensus-based standards available for international use, we look forward to new collaborations that advance shared digital governance priorities – both at home, and beyond our borders.

A member-led transformation

Even with these notable accomplishments, our hallmark achievement of 2023 was the structural transformation we undertook to expand our mandate and help increase Canada’s social and economic prosperity in a global, digital economy. This evolution was sparked by member dialogue on emerging international AI regulations and the need to strengthen domestic capacity in conformity assessment to safeguard Canada’s interests. Guided by our members’ strategic input, our organization established both the appropriate governance structure and a new public identity aligned to our strategic vision. We look forward to partnering with like-minded organizations to further build trust and confidence in the digital economy for shared prosperity.

Help us drive meaningful outcomes for a stronger digital future

In a world that’s increasingly powered by technology, the need for strong digital governance has never been greater.  This is why our organization combines the vision, agility and drive of our country’s executive leaders in advancing coordinated action for the benefit of Canadians participating in the digital economy.

Our members are at the heart of our success. And we continually welcome new members to help set the agenda for what we can accomplish together.

Members of the Digital Governance Council have the opportunity to help shape our country’s digital future. Our members benefit from access to insights within an exclusive community of digital leaders, opportunities to advance standards development, partnerships, and funding that support proving out new technologies and proof-of-concept delivery for social and economic good.

Membership is open to all executive leaders with organizations based in Canada, and we aim to represent a broad diversity of members from public, private, and not-for-profit organizations based in Canada, across all economic sectors.

To learn more about Council membership, contact us.


Keith Jansa
Chief Executive Officer, Digital Governance Council



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