Clear Concepts Assesses Cybersecurity Controls of Small and Medium-Sized Organizations to meet National Standard

OTTAWA, February 5, 2023 – Clear Concepts, a Canadian-based IT service provider offers a new and innovative approach to IT support. With over 20 years in business, Clear Concepts simplifies the classic IT support model by helping clients reduce infrastructure and simplify their IT approach by taking advantage of cloud technologies. This model, which incorporates a Zero Trust cybersecurity posture, ensures clients are prepared to defend against today’s diverse threat landscape. Clear Concepts offers cybersecurity consulting and assessment services to organizations that are looking for ways to leverage technology to ensure they are secured according to best practices.

Organizations can reduce their IT footprint and realize the benefits of digital transformation through automation, collaboration, and artificial intelligence by implementing technological solutions designed by Clear Concepts that are tailored to their specific business needs.

Clear Concepts offers a “SecureStart cyber risk audit to review an organization’s IT environment and identify cybersecurity gaps, guiding assessments against Canada’s National Standard for Baseline Cybersecurity Controls for Small and Medium-Sized Organizations (otherwise known as CAN/CIOSC 104), published in 2021.

CAN/CIOSC 104 specifies a minimum set of cybersecurity controls intended for small and medium organizations with less than 500 employees. It provides baseline to help organization prevent and mitigate data breaches and ransomware while minimizing the risk of being a target of cyber-attacks.

Clear Concepts helps organizations implement and optimize cybersecurity controls which comply with CAN/CIOSC 104. By assisting the implementation of controls, organizations that reach out to Clear Concepts for aid can reduce the risks of being left vulnerable to cyber-attacks while gaining technical knowledge and expertise for implementing cyber security controls.


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Darryl Kingston

Executive Director

Digital Governance Standards Institute


About the Digital Governance Council

The Digital Governance Council is a member-driven organization that acts as a cross-sector neutral convener for Canada’s executive leaders to identify, prioritize and act on digital governance opportunities and challenges. The Council leads an Executive Forum for council members, sets technology governance standards through the Digital Governance Standards Institute and certifies the compliance of Canadian organizations in the management of the effective and efficient use of digital technologies.  To learn more about the organization and its initiatives, visit or contact


About the Digital Governance Standards Institute

The Digital Governance Standards Institute develops digital technology governance standards fit for global use. The Institute works with experts, as well as national and global partners and the public to develop national standards that reduce risk to Canadians and Canadian organizations adopting and using innovative digital technologies in today’s digital economy.  The Institute is an independent division of the Digital Governance Council. To learn more about the organization and its initiatives, visit or contact


About Clear Concepts

Clear Concepts is an award-winning Managed IT Services Provider, recognized by multiple industry associations as a Top Solution Provider and Technology Integrator both Nationally and Globally. The IT Service Provider has a growing team of 60+ and has been helping businesses and organizations throughout Canada for over 20 years. Clear Concepts proudly supports a wide variety of organization IT networks including Non-profit, Health, Education, Municipalities, Social and Human Services, and many other vertical markets with tailor made support offerings. Their areas of focus and expertise are Managed IT Services (Onsite & Remote), Voice & Collaboration, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Consulting, Upgrades & Transitions.

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